Following his death New Bethel in February of 1997, became affiliated with the Ohio North First Jurisdiction under the late Bishop William Morgan James, whose current Prelate is Bishop Edward T. Cook.

While in the Ohio North First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the late Bishop Walter Jordan, New Bethel became a member of the M.H. Hawkins District under the leadership of Superintendent John M. Hobbs Jr. ,where Dr. Rance Allen served as District Chairman.
In 2011, the Lord placed upon our Pastor's heart a desire to move New Bethel to another level in ministry. Stepping out on faith, Bishop Allen started a non-denominational fellowship called Greater Excellent Praise Ministries which resulted in the church leaving the COGIC organization in March of that year.

However, during developing this vision, Dr. Allen was presented with an opportunity to become a Jurisdictional Bishop, which would bring New Bethel back to the Church Of God In Christ. After much prayer, Dr. Allen accepted the call and in 2011 was consecrated as Prelate of the Michigan Northwest Harvest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. New Bethel was one of several churches in the Latter Rain District, under the leadership of Superintendent David Williams. In 2017, Bishop Allen named the then Assistant Pastor Booker DuPree, Pastor of New Bethel Church Of God In Christ, while remaining Senior Pastor.

Upon Bishop Allen’s demise Elder Booker DuPree was officially placed as Pastor of New Bethel Church Of God In Christ, on June 20, 2021, under Interim Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In January 2022, Michigan Northwest Harvest Jurisdiction was dissolved by the General Assembly of the Church Of God In Christ. In January 2022, Pastor Booker DuPree and New Bethel Church Of God In Christ joined the Michigan Great Lakes First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, where the General Board Member, Bishop Michael E. Hill, Sr. serves as Jurisdictional Prelate.

Shortly after joining Michigan Great Lakes First Jurisdiction, New Bethel joined the Rehoboth District under Jurisdictional Secretary and Superintendent Barry L. Ginyard, Jr. And here we are, 37 years later, New Bethel continues to be a beacon light in the city of Toledo Ohio. We have had thousands come through our doors, accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. For this we are thankful and prayerful that New Bethel will continue to grow and all who enters it doors will be "Bountifully Blessed". 

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